Council Report

September 2015 Meeting

Council met on September 28 and took the following actions:

  • The ‘God’s Work, Our Hands’ event of Sept 13th was an overwhelming success. Many positives were noted, along with a few lessons learned for improving future events. Council hopes the Social Ministry Committee will make this an annual event after Labor Day. 
  • The final cost for the Georgian visit was discussed. Funds were provided from grants from our Endowment Fund, the Lutheran Church of Germany, and Thrivent.
  • The Stewardship Team reported contributions and pledges have been received towards a target of $15,000 [over $14k as of 10/1]. As hoped, these gifts will cover the costs for Faith Formation Director and contracting with GSB to guide our Stewardship efforts this year.
  • 2016 budget submittals are needed from committee chairs and staff. The Budget team will prepare the proposed 2016 budget for Council’s review in the October 18th meeting.
  • Council discussed proposal for youth/young adults trip to France in 2016. Council tabled any decisions pending grant approval from the NC Synod.
  • The annual congregation meeting will be scheduled for Sunday Nov 15th  following the early service. Council will ask the congregation to approve the 2016 budget in this meeting.
  • Council approved purchase of a new computer for Beka’s office using memorial gift funds.
  • Property Committee will donate unneeded old chairs in the church basement to the local Habitat Resale Store. Exterior scraping and painting at the front of the church has been completed.
  • Council discussed how it functions as a leadership body for Good Shepherd. Improvements are needed in various areas to make us more effective.
  • Council discussed work performance using feedback provided by the Personnel Committee.

August 2015 Meeting

Council met on August 13 and took the following actions:

  • Met and interviewed the Search Committee’s recommended person, Rebekah Forst, for Faith Formation Director and Discipleship Coordinator (FFDC).
  • Council approved Rebekah Forst for FFDC.
  • Decided to approve the compensation package recommended by the Personnel Committee for FFDC.
  • Decided to extend an offer to hire Rebekah for FFDC to be effective September 1st 2015.
  • Passed a Resolution on behalf of Lutheridge asking Duke Energy to route its proposed new electric transmission lines outside of Lutheridge lands.
  • Reviewed the new Stewardship Plan that is being developed by the Stewardship Team with the help of Pastor Mike Ward. Council will request a follow up meeting with Pastor Mike to discuss additional details relating to confidentiality, information segmentation, and use of giving information.
  • Council wants the congregation to be aware that a recent vacancy on the Council left by the resignation of Gil Harris will not be filled on an interim basis. New nominations and elections will be done this Fall for Council positions.
  • Agreed to evaluate the Strategic Plan in October, making whatever adjustments are warranted to timelines for various goals.
  • Recommended formation of the Budget Team to provide direction for the 2016 budgeting cycle.
  • Received report that Property Committee has accomplished two important items: exterior painting and caulking of windows and louvers, and painting of the Youth Room in the church basement.
  • Discussed the recent visit by Lutherans from the Republic of Georgia with an eye to growing the relationship. A follow up meeting with hosts will be scheduled to gather more lessons learned from this experience.


July 2015 Meeting

  • Reviewed and discussed the YTD June Treasurer’s Report and noted an improvement in giving for past two months.
  • Pastor Cuttino discussed the successful Youth Gathering in Detroit, his recent vacation with family in Alaska, his upcoming plans for continuing education, Search Committee interviews, upcoming New Members class, plans involving Community outreach made by the Social Ministry Committee, and his recent visitations. Pastor Emeritus Cyrus Frazier and his family are in need of our continued prayer.
  • Received an update from the Search Committee for new Faith Formation Director and Discipleship Coordinator. Interviews are complete. Current plans are to hire someone by September 1, 2015.
  • Received an update from the Endowment Committee on funding requests. So far the Committee has approved 3 grants totaling $4,700 and has $12,300 still available for additional grants in 2015.
  • Decided unanimously to enter into a contract with Gronlund Sayther Brunkow (GSB) to support our church’s Stewardship efforts. The Stewardship Committee will meet with GSB on July 30, 2015 and begin their collaboration. Council noted concerns by some members with going outside the congregation for Stewardship help. It was agreed to send a letter to the congregation from the Council to inform members of the decision and why Council determined it is the right path for us to take at this time.
  • Reviewed an updated Strategic Plan to track our progress on 2015 goals.
  • Reviewed plans for the visit by Georgian Lutherans from July 26 through August 9, 2015. This visit was funded by an Endowment Committee grant.