Our History


Serving Mount Holly since 1881

When Mount Holly was being settled in the late 1800s, the people had no formal house of worship.  Occasionally, a circuit rider would pass through and held interdenominational services.  A “union church” was formed with the help of Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians in an old store building.  In the spirng of 1881, these people decided to build a church.  All agreed that the “church would be dedicated, christened, deeded, and controlled by whatever denomination that pays the largest amount toward the same.”  With a pledge of $460, the Lutherans were the largest contributors to the building.

The Lutheran church at the time, in the beginning, was called a “union” church.  Everybody went to it.  Even in my early days, why, the other ministers came there, and they all used the Lutheran church until the Baptists built a church and then later the Presbyterians, and then it was just the Lutherans. – Gertie Coster

Good Shepherd formed as a congregation that same year under the leadership of Rev. Jesse Peterson.  The charter membership included 21 adults and one child.  The current sanctuary building dates to 1903.

Good Shepherd has been served by eleven pastors, with two pastors totaling 69 years of service to our congregation.  Rev. Ernest Kohn was the pastor of our congregation from 1913 until 1946–through both World Wars and the Great Depression.  Rev. Cyrus Frazier, our current Pastor Emeritus, served from 1956 until 1991.  During his tenure, he oversaw building expansions and a growing membership.  He was also known for his colorful dramatic monologues of characters ranging from Martin Luther to John the Baptist.

Since its founding, Good Shepherd has grown and flourished into a vibrant community of faith in the heart of Mount Holly.  We continue to grow and change, expanding our ministries to meet the needs of our community in the 21st century.

Images from our history