Come to Rally Day September 10 at 9:45 a.m.

We’re Building a Brighter Future at Rally Day on September 10!

 It’s almost here! Rally Day is a big day in the life of Good Shepherd. Everyone is asked to participate as we kick off another year of Sunday school and more!

Get out your yellow t-shirts to wear to the Rally Day “Construction Zone.” If you don’t have a yellow shirt, some are available on the table outside the church office. There are a range of sizes and are free. These are all that are left, so we hope you can find one!

Faith Formation has some BUILDING BLOCK activities for us as we pull together to build a brighter future in the “Construction Zone.” We will enjoy activities and snacks, then file outside for some pictures for our website, so we especially want everyone to come and participate! We don’t want anyone left out!!! Note, this is a Rally Day activity only; we do not have any projects for after worship this year.

So please come and join the Good Shepherd crew and let’s build a brighter future and kick off another wonderful year of learning and fun at Sunday school.